Flower Care

Sanitized buckets

Make sure your buckets are clean. Use bleach, a cleaning detergent, or a professional sanitizer. Bacteria from contaminated buckets will plug the stems of your fresh flowers and prevent them from properly hydrating. Non-metallic containers are best to use with floral preservatives.

Cooler settings

Keep your cooler temperature between 33°-37° Fahrenheit. Keep the humidity somewhere between 80° and 93°Fahrenheit. Different flowers require different specific temperatures and humidity. If unsure, please contact us for help.
Do not store old perishable product (fruit, vegetables, or old flowers) in the cooler. The Ethylene – a gas that maturing perishables give off could damage your freshflowers. Sanitize your cooler every couple months. 


Orchids are often over-watered which harms them. We’ve discovered the best thing to do is to put three ice cubes on the planter weekly and let them melt! 

Warm water

Best initially at about 100° Fahrenheit or what feels warm to touch – the blooms favor warm water.

Strip leaves off the flowers

No leaves should be below the water line. Foliage in the water is a source for bacteria to grow. Train your staff on using the FIFO (First In, First Out) method to properly rotate inventory.  The cut-life of roses, carnations, and snapdragons can be doubled by using floral preservatives.